About Janak & Scurfield Inc. dba JS Canvas

Janak & Scurfield Inc. building behind 5th street trolley circa 1940’s corner of 5th & 35th Street Sacramento
Janak and Scurfield Inc. to the left in the picture circa 1950’s
Janak & Scurfield picture 1950s
Janak & Scurfield Inc, 2980 35th Street Circa 1950
Saturn V Moon Booster Rocket transportation cover manufactured by Janak & Scurfield Inc 1964
First designer style domed awning concept in Sacramento by Janak & Scurfield Inc. 1967 for Grebitus Jewelers 11 & K St.
Article in the Sacramento Bee circa 1974
Designer Awnings on Elks Building 11th & J circa 1974
Galactica 2000 circa 1982 Corner of 15th & K Street, Sacramento, CA
Designer Awning Concept Stockton circa 1977
Janak & Scurfield Inc. 2980 35th street Sacramento, CA circa 1980’s
Janak & Scurfield Inc. manufactured and installed Music Circus Tent in 1987.
Mark Mansky and Greg Turner walking the tent
Janak’s Team working with one section of 8 sections weighting approximate 600 pound each.
Over 300 bags manufactured to process Soap for Proctor and Gamble’s Sacramento plant 1980 to 1990
Bag’s designed to hold over 3,000 pounds of Soap, suspended in a metal frame,

Janak & Scurfield Inc. manufactured approximately 5,000 various highway signs for the State of California from 1972-1985
Quality Control Recognition from Aerojet
Recognition from Lockheed
Sacramento Bee Article 1985
Sacramento Bee Article 1985
Aerojet Titan 4 rocket transportation cover