Awning Cleaning

General care and maintenance for your fabric awning.

# Hose down your awning every month or so. Do it on a warm sunny day to ensure complete drying .

# For a more through cleaning, we recommend using a soft bristle brush and mild soap such as Ivory Flakes or Lux. Rinse and dry completely.

# Keep the underside of the awning clean by brushing with clean household broom.

# Keep all shrubbery and vines away from the awning. Many of  these plants contain certain acids which harm the fabric.

# Check your awning’s frame periodically. Rust may stain and deteriorate the fabric. Painting the metal frame is a good way to prevent rust.

# Be sure to have small tears repaired promptly.

# Do not permit leaves, twig, pine needles, etc to remain on awning.

# Do not drag over abrasive surfaces.

# Do not spray insect repellent over the fabric. Some solutions will cause staining.

# Do not permit water to stand or pocket on the awning. It can cause stretching.

# Do not wash your awning with strong or harsh solutions, abrasive cleaners or bleach.



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