COMMERCIAL Awnings & Canopies


Commercial door and window awnings are part of the solution to a better building design. It can be a face lift ot cover up unsightly or dated store front. An awning will provide sun, rain and weather protection. A fabric awning will keep a building cool and comfortable. It can reduce fading of drapes carpets, furnishings and window merchandise. They will also help eliminate the glare promotes better store window displays. Create a defined ” pedestrian” zone along the storefronts, this will place people closer to retail merchandise. An awning will add color and excitement by combining functional elegance with decorative appeal An awning cover-up and hide building flaws by compliment or dramatizing the architecture of your building The three dimensional awning shapes can easily be combined with color and graphics to create a unique storefront that could never be equal by sign age alone. The awning becomes a sign.


 Restaurants & Eateries: Expanded seating

Retailers & Malls: Comfort and branding opportunities

Office Buildings: Energy savings 

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities: Entrance and landscaping solutions

Schools & Government Buildings: Energy savings, landscaping, public spaces

Hotels & Resorts: Comfort, branding and image solutions

Spas, Fitness Centers and Gyms: Comfort, branding and graphics

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