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A creative FABRIC awning will enhance your home’s good features, cover architectural flaws and add warmth and beauty to your outside landscape. FABRIC AWNINGS ARE THE SOLUTION FOR THE TRACT HOME BLUES. A fabric window or door awning will keep a building cool and comfortable. It can reduce fading of drapes carpets and furnishings. They will also help eliminate glare. A canvas canopy can add an extra room to your house by creating an expanded living and playing area or carport. Many home owners are realizing that a fixed awning or canopy creates an elegant, upscale outdoor living room; perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing with the family. Awnings can reduce a home’s internal temperature by 8° to 15° F (5°C – 8°C). Solar radiation through glass is responsible for approximately 20% of the load on a residential air conditioner. On a hot day, more energy is lost through one square foot of glass than through an entire insulated wall. A fabric awning reduced heat gain by 55% to 65% during the period of the day when the sun shines directly on southern facing windows, and 72% to 77% for western exposures. AWNINGS ARE ONE OF THE ORIGINAL GREEN SOLUTIONS. THE SKIN CANCER FOUNDATION recommends SUNBRELLA AWNING FABRIC as an aid in the prevention of sun induced damage to the skin.

Awnings are an affordable home accessory that will enhance a beautiful backyard, help to reduce energy cooling costs and provide protection from the sun’s damaging rays as well as inclement weather.

Fabric Awnings for Homes:

• Save you money by reducing your home’s energy consumption

• Offer a long-term outdoor space solution at a lower cost than a home addition

• Create an upscale outdoor living room with shape, dimension and color that fits your home decor

• Provide customized control for when you want the sun and when you don’t

Call JS Canvas for that difficult canvas or fabric project. Specializing in canvas repairs and installation tel  1 800 852 7166  916 444-7001 fax 916 444-0323

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